non-destructive testing laboratory

To provide services for technical diagnosis and NDT State Enterprise "VPKiTS" has in its structure an accredited laboratory of nondestructive testing (LNK), Equipped with modern facilities. non-destructive testing laboratory created by the order №223 from director 21.05.98g.


Our experts on NDT - a qualified staff, with many years of experience in non-destructive testing and diagnostics of technical devices in various industries. Specialists of our laboratory certified for the second and third level of competence for ultrasonic, radiografichyeskomu, capillarity, vyzualnomu control method for STB ISO 9712. The high level of competence of our staff - a guarantee of the reliability of the test results and the safe operation of your objects.


The laboratory is accredited for technical competence in accordance with the requirements of GOST ISO / IEC 17025-2019 (the transition to the new version of the fundamental standard was carried out on May 16, 2020.). BY / 112 accreditation passport 2.1758 from 11.10.1999 g.



1) Steam and hot water, heating network;

2) Equipment for gas distribution systems and gas consumption, pipelines;

3) Steam and hot water boilers, piping within the boiler;

4) technological pipelines;

5) Steel constructions; steel tubes

6) vessels, work under pressure;

7) Oil storage tanks, petroleum products and chemicals;


Non-destructive testing laboratory carries out technical diagnosis of steam and hot water boilers (License Gospromnadzor Emergency Situations of the Republic of Belarus to carry out in the field of industrial safety №33133 / 899-1):

-steam boilers with a working pressure of more than 0,07MPa ("big" boilers)

-with boilers heating water temperature above 115 degrees C ("big" boilers)

-steam boilers with steam pressure not exceeding 0,07MPa ("small" boilers)

-with boilers heating water temperature not higher 115 degrees C ("small" boilers)


When the quality control of the weld and the base metal LNC use the following control methods:

  1. visual inspection and measurement;
  2. radiographic control;
  3. ultrasonic flaw detection;
  4. ultrasonic thickness;
  5. penetrant testing;
  6. hardness measurement;


Contact faces:

Gaschenko Vitaly Sergeevich - Head of Laboratory - tel + 37529. 517-45-32

wire. .+375212 63-92-33/143