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As of December 2018 year on the balance sheet is 38 boiler
20 boilers with steam and hot water boilers running on natural gas (the removal zakonservirovana);
3 boiler on natural gas and wood chips,1 boiler on natural gas, wood, pellet, 4 natural gas and wood, 3 pellet, 5 of drovah,1 wood and pellet,1 Modular automated transportable
Boiler rooms are located in the city of Vitebsk, and in the Vitebsk region.Boiler room "Krupenino" is the farthest from the city, located in the district of Beshenkovichi.

Heat recovery

In accordance with the technical specifications TU RB 300149357.005-2016, the company established manufacturing heat recovery units. Heat recovery “TC-0,2”, “TC-0,4” , “TC-0,6” and “TC-0,8”.application heat recovery condensing It helps to solve the problem with the fuel moisture by utilizing the latent heat of vaporization.

Provision of mass sports services and the improvement of the population.

Provision of mass sports services and the improvement of the population.


Calibration and repair fuel and energy metering

At the station set licensed exemplary metrology calibration rig 500 GTC EASC modernized, goryachevodnaya.Dannaya setting allows grading, test, certification and verification model and working as a means of measuring flow of cold and hot water.

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ARGO accept bookings for parties Companies, children's party, cozy family holidays, anniversaries, corporate events, business dinners.
It offers presented cozy VIP-hall, with accommodation for up to 35 guests, as well as a comfortable lounge with a bar on 40 invited.
quality of service, the rich variety of its menu, offers set menus on reservation: every day is a new three-course menu (salad, soup, hot, the drinks).
Orders for the manufacture of confectionery products.

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Sports complex VPKiTS temporarily closed.


In connection with the company and change perenaimenovaniem founder,with 25.03.2020 changing forms predpreyatiya. Parent “Vitebsk city executive committee” Company name “Vitebsk communal production unitary enterprise boiler and thermal networks VPKiTS “. Abbreviated State Enterprise “VPKiTS”.


State enterprise “VPKiTS” It is holding a contest the most efficient use of generating plants to develop strategies. Participate in the contest can be anyone. Applications to leave at the head office of the.

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