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Congratulations to the participants and winners of the XIII Summer Regional Spartakiad of Housing and Public Utilities Workers: Petkuna Pavla - 1 place in kettlebell lifting; Romanov Igor - 2 place in kettlebell lifting, Gulidin Yury - 2 table tennis place, Ugnacheva Tatyana - 2 table tennis place, Savlevich Sergey - 2 place for darts, volleyball team 3 place: […]


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To obtain positive conclusions about the readiness of heat sources, when examining boiler houses with a capacity of more than 200 kilowatts, regardless of the capacity of the boilers installed in them, for their readiness for operation in the autumn-winter period 2022/2023, business entities need to provide: – availability of a license for the right to carry out activities in the field of industrial safety, or contracts with specialized organizations, licensed to […]

Gospromnadzor recommendations on security measures

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SAFE OPERATION OF EQUIPMENT OPERATING UNDER PRESSURE PRESSURE Head of the organization, operating and maintaining pressure equipment, must ensure its maintenance in good condition and safe operating conditions. For this it is necessary: appoint by order of the organization from among the specialists, duly tested knowledge on industrial safety issues, including the requirements of the Rules, face, responsible for […]

Energy efficiency leader.

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The state enterprise "VPKiTS" is recognized by experts as one of the leaders of the Republic of Belarus in the field of energy efficiency, resource conservation and environmental friendliness 11 November, on the International Day of Energy Saving, a solemn ceremony of awarding the winners of the competition for the award for achievements in the field of energy efficiency and resource conservation "Leader of energy efficiency of the Republic of Belarus -2021". State Enterprise "VPKiTS" is recognized as the winner of the VII Republican competition "Leader of Energy Efficiency of the Republic of Belarus […]

New service – Waste reception!

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In connection with the inclusion in the register of waste use of the object "mobile wood chipper based on the chipping module HEM 561 DQ "and in compliance with environmental legislation, the State Enterprise" VPKiTS "accepts the following different types of wood waste for processing.

Direct dial telephone

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For heat supply, hot water supply, restoration of landscaping after excavations is carried out by the director of the enterprise Baranovsky Peter Stanislavovich on Thursdays in the first month of the quarter (January, April, July, October) with 9.00 to 12.00 phone 63 – 92 – 33

Reception of citizens

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21 september 2020 year as part of the implementation of the Action Plan for the development of the system of public control in the field of housing and communal services, Director of the state enterprise "VPKiTS" Baranovsky Peter Stanislavovich, reception of citizens will be carried out (ul.Titova, 121but, Vitebsk) with 14.00 to 20.00.


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Repair and construction site of the enterprise “VPKiTS” provides paid finishing services, facing, plastering and other types of construction works to the population. Contact by phone. : 26-22-67, 711-26-86 start. RSU Vorobyov Alexey Sergeevich