Boiler rooms

As of December 2018 year on the balance sheet is 38 boiler

20 boilers with steam and hot water boilers running on natural gas (the removal zakonservirovana);

- 3 boiler: natural gas and wood chips;

- 1 boiler room: natural gas, wood, pellet;

- 4 natural gas and wood;

- 3 pellet;

- 5 of drovah;

- 1 wood and pellet

- 1 Modular automated transportable

Boiler rooms are located in the city of Vitebsk, and in the Vitebsk region. Boiler room "Krupenino" is the farthest from the city, located in the district of Beshenkovichi.

All boilers are working according to the approved schedule of the temperature for each boiler (photoappendices)