Company History, usually, It begins with an official document, but it is written by the, who put their strength and knowledge in once begun business. When the decision of the Vitebsk City Council of People's Deputies number 75 from 28.03.1968 g. and utilities management order executive committee № 49 from 03.04.1968 g. It was founded Enterprise «Directorate combined boiler" with 01.04.1968 city, Vitebsk heat economy is a network of small dispersed heat sources, located in the basements of residential buildings. Almost all of them worked on charcoal, and one can only imagine the working conditions of employees and their efforts to maintain order at a location nearby. All the mechanization of the time - yes tractor passenger car. Notably, that the first Manager, Alexander A. loafers, personally signed a decree on his appointment: "On the basis of the order № 50 from 3 April 1968 Year of the Housing Authority of the Vitebsk city executive committee with 8 April 1968 Year shall take office director ". That is so short, and in a military accurately, as "taking fire themselves".


There were no social standards, It was not institutionalized the concept of "Comfort accommodations and enabling environment", but it began to emerge principles of professional ethics and high responsibility, which allowed to write the first pages in the annals of the company and to build heat in the rank of reliable and affordable services.

A new chapter in the history of the company began in April 1973 of the year, when a team led by Benjamin Zalmanovich Goldin. His memories could not be better illustrated by the situation at the time: "Boilers in residential buildings were in terrible condition. Mud, smoke indoors. In the yards of coal heap, slag, ash, fanned by the wind ... The company was launched in the financial condition ... The financial plan was not fulfilled ... "

It was Benjamin Zalmanovich, ten years led the team, It was to begin a series of reforms, which can be considered the prototype of today's transformations. It sets up shop Intra systems, later expanded and made into a repair shop workshop, purchased several machines, appeared Emergency Service, Installation is made for flushing of heating systems. Then he began to update the car park: purchased several trucks, excavator and crane.

Ros enterprise credibility, its importance for the regional center. But, at the same time, grew and area of ​​responsibility. On balance transfer all new objects from other organizations, and transferred not in the best condition. Even in Soviet times, the stable is not always able to cope with difficulties. In the local newspaper for 1980 year you can read about the many problems: "Poor is being renovated inside apartment heat networks, that year can not be repaired in the boiler water heaters on the street. ... Frunze is a pipe in the boiler house on the street in poor condition. Zhestkova Residents st .... The world complain about the low temperature ... ".

But the tone of the articles has changed with the improvement of production, and "Vitebsk worker" bands immortalized the most significant achievements Kommunalnik:

"From the introduction of machines, which is a mechanical grinding of all types of valves, received 2 thousand. 640 rub. annual profit. From the introduction of ways to update and locking the protective tube is laid each year 3 thousand. rub.".

"Large enterprise innovators contributed to the translation of boiler-houses on liquid fuel, elimination of small boiler rooms by connecting in-house networks to the networks of CHP ... Translation boilers for liquid fuel it possible to implement a phased scheduling boiler ".

"In the tenth portion str. Chkalov excellent relationship with houses, set automatic remote control ".

A company set itself new goals, more ambitious goals, which no longer fits within the boundaries of the old industrial base.

New territory became assimilated with Vasily Ivanovich Yurkevich, which the 25 years led the company.

In the early 90-ies of the last century have become intensely upset district, Vitebsk, at the same time to disband the farm "Oblselstroya", Kommunalnik actively transferred to the heat network and central heating units. The enterprise does not have enough storage space for equipment, Accommodation repair and construction crews. Leadership were sent requests to the Executive Committee for the allocation of the new territory.

These requests are in line with the translation in Russian military unit "5 yPolk", located on ul.Titova. Vacate the area and has become a new place of dislocation.

Vasily Yurkevich has initiated many changes, significantly changed the structure of the company and raise its image. Designing new boiler and central heating stations, expanded production functions, transferred to new entities balance. AT 2011 was one such, I began a project to introduce gas-piston units at the boiler house "Dolomite". It is unique not only in its scope, he became the first example of international cooperation in the implementation of production tasks.

AT 2006 year was disbanded "Recreational and domestic service" and the city baths also switched to Kommunalnik balance.

Vitebsk company boiler and thermal networks, if absorbed in an atmosphere of strict discipline of former military garrison of the, It remains the guarantor of safety and comfort in homes and office buildings. "Getting their duties" - in the military is a clear formulation of the first director is a guide for those, who create history today.

Head of the enterprise

Varmint Alexander A.,

He led now

from April 1968 to September 1969 of the year.


Syroezhko Valery,

He led now

From september 1969 to April 1973 of the year.

Goldin VENIAMIN ZALMANOVIČ, He led now from April 1973 by 18.03.1983.

born 27 February 1927 g. g.Gorodke in Vitebsk region according to the distribution of the USSR Ministry of Power Plant is aimed at the Belarusian State District Power Plant. I worked on Smolevichi TPP, Vitebsk CHP. 23.04.1973 g. appointed director of "Joint management of boiler and thermal networks". The deputy of the Vitebsk City Council three convocations. Member of the CPSU 1957 g.po 1991 g. Awarded the title of Byelorussian energy veteran. honors: Certificate of merit of the Ministry of Electric Stations of the USSR, Diploma of the Supreme Soviet of the BSSR, the medal "For Valiant Labor"

Rudenok Eugene P.,

He led now

December 1983 December 1984 of the year.

Seals Vladimir, He led now From January 1985 by 01.06.1988.

born 20 April 1954 year in Mordovian ASSR, Russian Federation.

WITH 1974 by 1985 he worked in Vitebsk heat networks.

AT 1985 he was appointed director of the Vitebsk enterprise boilers and heat networks, and 1988 - deputy head PU HCS Vitebsk administration. AT 1995 he retired from the PU housing and organized its own production of domestic boilers, working on solid fuel.

Vakunov Mikhail, He led now from August 1988 by 25.05.1989.

He was born in the village of Bukachacha Chernyshevsky district of the Chita region 7 July 1950 of the year. AT 1980 g. He moved to Belarus. He worked as a foreman energy service companies of the Vitebsk boilers and heat networks, master service repair and maintenance of engineering equipment in the October ZHRET. AT 1988 g. elected as director of "military-industrial complex and TC" State Enterprise.

Jurkiewicz Vasily Ivanovich, He led now 25 years old with 5.02.1990 by 31.01.2015.

born 2 January 1951 at d.Myageli, Lepel rn, Vitebsk region

AT 1979 he graduated from the Polytechnic Institute Balorussky.

WITH 1969 by 1979 She worked at a chemical plant Grodno - Senior Apparatus combustion resid

AT 1979 moved to Vitebsk and Vitebsk Meat Factory has got a senior master boiler.

WITH 1982 He moved to Vitebsk telezavod deputy head of the boiler and in the same year was appointed head of the boiler shop. WITH 1989 , the deputy chief power.

Since February 1990 It was transferred to the Vitebsk company boiler and thermal networks for the post of director of the company. Retired 31 January 2015 of the year.

Ministry of Housing and Communal Services was awarded the title "Honored Worker of housing and communal services of the Republic of Belarus".

Awarded with diplomas: Vitsebsk city executive committee, Executive Committee of the Office of Housing, Vitebsk city utilities, Administration Railway District of Vitebsk.

Sergey Putilov

born 17.10.1972 g. In the village Stayki Gorodok district, Vitebsk region

AT 2002 g. He graduated from Vitebsk State University im.P.M. Masherova, in 2014 - Academy of Management under the President of the Republic of Belarus. He led the state enterprise "VPKiTS" 14.04.2015.





Doronin Maria K.


chemical water treatment Wizard

Bozhenkov Alexey


The distributor works

Pahirko Anatoly Nikolaevich


El.monter repair and maintenance of electrical equipment

Anatoly Trenba


TP service technician

Petrushenka Natalia losifovna


Boiler operator

Georgy Yershov Ignatievich



Long Nikolay Vladimirovich


The driver gru.5-7 t.

Zelenkova Eugene Boleslavovna



Stanislav G. Karpenko


El.monter repair and maintenance of electrical equipment

Molodovsky Basil Abramovich



Ludmila Pavlovna Firtas


Apparatus HVO

Courmelles Aleftina Semyonovna


Head of HR

Gobergrupp Igor Zalmonovich



Kite Nadezhda


Apparatus HVO

Shuko Galina


Apparatus HVO

Jurkiewicz Vasily Ivanovich



Elena Artyukhov


Apparatus HVO

Castellan Vasily


Boiler operator

Putra Maria Valentinov


Human Resources Inspector

SCAF Basil T.


Senior operator of the boiler

Vavilenkova Valentina


Apparatus HVO

Gramuzova Nadine


Boiler operator

Mikhailov Alexander E.


El.monter repair and maintenance of electrical equipment

Anatoly Pilecki


Senior operator of the boiler

Shaluhin Vasily Petrovich


Manager HELL

Shchukin Leonid


Boiler operator

Kazachenko Svetlana Viktorovna



Zinaida Komovich


Cleaner rooms production

Kosyakova Nadezhda


Izolirovshtik of termoizolyatsii

Mikhailov Eugene P.


Mechanic assembly of metal structures

Vladimir Shnevel


Machinist boiler

Valery V. Yakovlev


El.monter repair and maintenance of electrical equipment