Together we create energy efficient future:

Republican competition identified leaders

5 October at a festive atmosphere - in the interiors of the Museum of Minsk History, – the award ceremony of the Laureates took place IV Republican competition for the award for achievements in the field of energy efficiency "Leader of energy efficiency of the Republic of Belarus – 2018».

The purpose of the contest – the identification and promotion of energy-efficient technologies, solutions, equipment among consumers. Its aboutorganizers are: Energy Efficiency Department Gosstandart of the Republic of Belarus, RUP "BelTEI Institute", GP «Ienergy institute BREAD The Republic of Belarus», CPP "Business Media".

During the ceremony, the laureates were congratulated Deputy Chairman of Gosstandart - Director of the Energy Efficiency Department Mikhail Malashenko. He addressed the winning laureates:

— Thank you so much, that you took part in the competition! Were not too lazy to submit applications, submit your projects. It takes some effort. In addition, during preparation, each of you, applicants, was aware, that he will compete with others and may not win. However, there was confidence that, what's your product, topic, the best technology in Belarus in terms of energy efficiency. It should be noted: the list of applicants grows from year to year. There are already constant fighters for the title of energy efficiency leader, who provide new products every year. And this is understandable. Because businesses that are competing for markets, quality, volumes, are forced to be the first in the field of energy saving. And this work is constant. Only self-improvement allows you to become a leader.

The director of the Institute of Energy of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus greeted the winners and noted the importance of the competition Anton Brin. He also noted:

— A nuclear power plant is not far off. Significant increase in electricity is expected. So it is necessary to use it wisely and expediently.. For this it is necessary to modernize enterprises, technological processes. It's good to see, that you bring something new, energy efficient. The competition once again confirms, that we are moving in the right direction.

AT 2018 year bmore 30 applicants competed for the title of leader in energy efficiency.

To carry out expert examinations on projects, presented by participants in various nominations, the best experts of RUE "BelTEI" were involved, RUP "BelNIIS Institute", State Enterprise "Institute of Energy of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus", BNTU, RUP "Stroitechnorm", GP "Institute of Housing - NIPTIS them. Ataeva S.S. " and other reputable organizations. Experts conducted a thorough assessment of the physical and technical, economic and other characteristics of projects, submitted to the competition.

Not everyone was able to pass this assessment. The winners were 20 companies.

State Enterprise "VPKiTS" became the winner in the category "Energy Efficient Product of the Year"

The competition was presented "Installations boiler automated modular transportable thermal power up to 0,2 MW on pellets like UKAMT "


The modular boiler room provides for the installation of two pellet boilers: total heat capacity up to 200 kW. Operating pressure in the boilers, no more – 0,3MPa. The maximum water temperature at the outlet from the boiler-95 C. Fuel storage hopper capacity is designed for 3 day work boiler with full thermal load. The boiler is installed boost pump, which will run from the water storage tank, equal to 1m3 . connection scheme involves the installation of the boiler pump for each boiler. To ensure the required boiler passport mode accommodate three-way recirculation valve. On the return conduit installed diaphragm expansion tank. Heat boiler circuit network provides the preparation of water with parameters 90-65 °C for heating, summer- 61-40S with options for hot water needs. Work boiler provides automatic unattended. In boilers has temperature protection, pressure, flow of water through boilers. The automation boiler control has a function of transmitting data on boiler (GSM) to a remote control station. Flue gases from the established pellet boiler output in chimneys dismountable (individually for each boiler) with fastening, height not exceeding 12 meters and a diameter of 273mm. In terms of reliability of supply to heat consumers, the boiler house belongs to the second category. Actual specific rates of fuel consumption for heat production for the month of July 2018 of the year: – 169.4 kg fuel equivalent / Gcal for August 2018 of the year: – 169.3 kg fuel equivalent / Gcal actual specific norms for power consumption and heat generation transportation July 2018 of the year: – 20.8 kWh. / Gcal for August 2018 of the year: – 22.6 kWh. / Gcal

A number of features of this product, reduce energy consumption, improve energy efficiency, as well as to achieve high economic indicators from the operation of the boiler house in unmanned mode.