List of works energouchastkom

1.Design, installation, electrical adjustment, lighting, systems and communication lines.

2.Performing electrical measurements

-insulation resistance of wires and cables, power and lighting devices

-resistance grounding devices

-checking earthing connections with a grounding member

-Test zero-phase circuit

-test of high voltage electrical insulating gloves and shoes, hand electrically instruumenta

-solid biofuels (total moisture, ash content, combustion heat)

-firewood, graft (Sample selection, humidity)

3.Repair of electrical machines (motors, transformers), windings replacement.

4.Design, installation, commissioning and maintenance of the automatic fire alarm systems, warning systems and evacuation management. Designing of automatic fire extinguishing systems, smoke protection systems.

5.Design, installation, commissioning and maintenance of automatic alarm systems.

6.Repairs, Maintenance regulators RT-2 temperature, RT-4, RT-99, RT2000, RT2010 etc..

Website Sodk Brigade (heating mains card)

The chief power building Kaminsky, Alexander A. wire. +375 212 639226 / 170.