Paragraph individual heating cupboard detached SHTP (Further - cupboard heater), It is designed to connect consumers of thermal energy to heat supply network. Cupboard heater allows:

coolant temperature control, coolant flow rate in accordance with heat consumption mode;

coolant distribution of individual systems (heating, hot water supply);

metering of heat consumption;

filling and emptying of heat systems.

Cupboard heater can be used in both new construction, and renovation of buildings.

Paragraphs individual heat detached Cabinet manufactured according to specifications TU BY 300149357.007 – 2018 and design - the design documentation.


Table 1.1


parameter name


1. Heating power, Gcal / h

2. Power of the hot water system, Gcal / h

3. The maximum operating temperature at the outlet, heating system, WITH


4. The maximum operating temperature at the outlet, hot water system, WITH


5. Maximum operating pressure, MPa

heating systems

hot water system

attachable water supply




6. Operating temperature of the coolant, WITH, no more:


7. Calculated flow temperature of the heating system, WITH


8. Calculated return temperature of the heating system, WITH


9. The calculated temperature of hot water in the hot water supply system, WITH


10. The estimated water temperature attachable aqueduct, WITH


11. Outdoor temperature, WITH


12. used coolant


13. The diameters of pipes used, mm

57h3,0 45h3,0 38h2,5 Du32, Du25

14. Material heating piping system

Electrically welded pipes

15. Material piping hot-zheniya system vodosnab, attachable water supply, circulation line

Galvanized tubes for water

16. Type of connection to the pipeline components

Welding, flanged connection, threaded connection

17. Weight assembly, kg, no more:


18. AC power supply, AT


19. Mains supply frequency, Hz


20. power consumption, kW, no more