Central heating points (CTP)




As of December 2021. on the balance sheet of the enterprise 61 central heating point.


CTP - this is a complex of equipment located in a separate room that provides heating and hot water supply to a building or a group of buildings. The main difference between the central heating station and the boiler house is,that in the boiler room the heating agent is heated due to the combustion of fuel, and the heat point operates with a heated coolant, coming from a centralized system.

Tasks, solved by central heating points:

changing various parameters of the coolant, such as pressure, temperature and t. d.

coolant flow control

distribution of the coolant in heating and hot water supply systems

water treatment for DHW

protection of secondary heating networks from increasing the parameters of the coolant

ensuring the shutdown of heating or hot water supply, if necessary

control of the flow rate of the coolant and other parameters of the system, automation and control.