Application for inspection and repair of instrumentation and control devices

"Planning of Metrology ( Force adjustment and metrological certification of devices and equipment FER accounting, instrumentation laboratory) ”

at Vitebsk Unitary communal production plant boilers and heat networks "VPKiTS" . (The State Enterprise "VPKiTS" )

On the site there is a certified metrology exemplary calibration rig OPU-500 MGS upgraded, hot-water.(Certificate of metrological certification). This setting allows grading, test, certification and verification model and working tools Flow measuring both cold and hot water

On the site of Metrology has the necessary equipment and qualified personnel trained and trained at the main producers of heat metering devices, that allows:

- preparation and presentation of state verification (proving) metering ( heat meters and flow meters );

- Repair and calibration of metering devices;

- Repairs, preparation and presentation of gos.poveritelyu (proving) all types of pressure gauges;

To provide services for repair of measuring instruments there is a corresponding certified int.

We accept orders from population, private entrepreneurs, enterprises of all forms of ownership. By agreement we can repair and other equipment.


Head portion metrology Saints Andrey wire. +375 212 636528 / 205.