In a modular boiler has two pellet boiler: total heat capacity up to 200 kW. Operating pressure in the boilers, no more - 0,3MPa. The maximum water temperature at the outlet from the boiler-95 C. fuel supply capacity of the hopper is designed for 3 day work boiler with full thermal load. The boiler is installed boost pump, which will run from the water storage tank, equal to 1m3 .

connection scheme involves the installation of the boiler pump for each boiler. To ensure the required boiler passport mode accommodate three-way recirculation valve. On the return conduit installed diaphragm expansion tank. Heat boiler circuit network provides the preparation of water with parameters 90-65 °C for heating, summer- 61-40S with options for hot water needs. Work boiler provides automatic unattended. In boilers has temperature protection, pressure, flow of water through boilers. The automation boiler control has a function of transmitting data on boiler (GSM) to a remote control station. Flue gases from the established pellet boiler output in chimneys dismountable (individually for each boiler) with fastening, height not exceeding 12 meters and a diameter of 273mm. The reliability of heat supply to consumers leave boiler the second category. Actual specific rates of fuel consumption for heat production for the month of July 2018 of the year: - 169.4 kg fuel equivalent / Gcal for August 2018 of the year: - 169.3 kg fuel equivalent / Gcal actual specific norms for power consumption and heat generation transportation July 2018 of the year: - 20.8 kWh. / Gcal for August 2018 of the year: - 22.6 kWh. / Gcal


selling prices for the products of the State Enterprise "VPKiTS"

from 23.12.2019 g.

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The selling price per unit without VAT, rub.

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Automated, modular transportable boiler room heat output up 0,2 MW pellet type UKAMT

100 249,77

20 049,95

120 299,72


Bunker for pellets