Local fuels

Today in Belarus focus on increasing the share of local fuels to heat sources.

On the boiler "VPKiTS" State enterprises using local fuels, such as: wood fuel pellets (pellets), firewood, graft, wood waste. All boilers companies provided full sheds or warehouses for storage and storage of local fuels.

When using local fuels in boilers now in compliance with all requirements of the current regulatory documentation, such as STB 1510-2012 "Firewood. Specifications », STB 1711-2007 "Roundwood softwood", TU VU 100145188.003-2009 "Chips Fuel. specifications. Notice №1, №2, №3 to change the TU VU 100145188.003-2009 "Chips Fuel. Specifications », STB 2027-2010 "Wood fuel pellets. General technical conditions "and other.

For the selection of suppliers of local fuels contests, the results of which are contracts with suppliers, to provide the most attractive offers.

For the reason that, that one of the fundamental characteristics of the fuel is the amount of heat generated (combustion heat), the company has implemented a qualitatively new system of calculation of the fuel supplied - differentiated payment system for the supplied wood chips depending on the qualitative characteristics (calorific value, humidity). Accredited laboratory of the enterprise carries out the analysis of samples of wood chips, determining the moisture content and calorific value. Next, the actual calorific value (combustion heat) It is compared with the required TU BY 100145188.003-2009 "Chips Fuel. Specifications "and in the case of ,if it is below the required, determined reduction factor, and which is used in the calculation with Suppliers.

Laboratory enterprise HVO certified for analysis on the calorific value of the fuel capacity, humidity for their own needs ,and the provision of services on the side.