conclusion of contracts

How to join the agreement and the conclusion of heating

Connection of new consumers of thermal energy to heat networks power supply company, connect previously disconnected and reconstructed objects, heating pipes and heat systems, change in the amount of heat energy consumption or heat transfer parameters is allowed only with the permission of power supply organization after the technical conditions and sign the contract for the use of thermal energy.

Note: If disabling or preservation of the object took place for more than one calendar year (or more than one heating season) the contract shall be deemed terminated on the heat. reconnection (inclusion) such an object is made to order, provided for new construction or renovation, the issuance and execution of new technical requirements.

Proposal for the design of power supply utility, heating contract entered by the subscriber in writing.

Contract heat supplying organization concludes with the presentation of subscriber:

-Copies of constituent documents (charter, regulations and certificate of state registration);

-of teplopotreblenyya, thermal installations and heat networks, meet the technical requirements;

-specifications and reference power supply utility to the bearer on the implementation of technical conditions for connection to heat networks power supply company, issued in the prescribed manner, executive and project documentation for the heat system with an indication of load by type;

-act delineation carrying supplies heating systems and operational responsibilities of the parties between the power supply utility and the consumer;

-devices of heat energy, installed and taken into operation in accordance with the technical normative legal acts;

-written guarantee obligation to pay for heat energy consumption;

-trained staff (the presence of which is confirmed by relevant documents) or a contract with a specialized organization for the maintenance of the system of heat consumption;

-act Gosenergonadzor admission authorities for use of heat systems, building heating and heat consumer networks.