With the simultaneous sale of the right to conclude the lease of land




single subject of the auction

Characteristics of a single subject of the auction

Starting price of the auction of a single object,


The amount of the deposit, rubles


unused building, located at: Vitebsk region, g. Vitebsk, str. 1-I Nina, 7, and the right to conclude a lease of land

property: capital structure with the inventory 200 / P-number 46620 (building specialized municipal services - boiler house) with three annexes, shed, pipe, metal flue pipe, carriageway - one-story brick, 1965g. the buildings, with total area 338,0 m, concrete foundation, reinforced concrete floor slabs, roof materials for roll roofing bitumen.

parcel cadastral number 240100000003000554 under the boiler, area 0,1322 it (land to accommodate the public utilities), leases 25 years old. possible use: under production and business facilities, without affecting the surrounding area, subject to compliance with the requirements of sanitary norms and rules, provided the reconstruction of the property.



organizer - "Vitebskoblimuschestvo" fund, g. Vitebsk, str. "Truth", 38, tel.: (0212) 47-60-96, 48-87-04, websites:,, it is-mail:,

SELLER: Lots of №8 - Vitebsk Unitary communal production enterprise boilers and heat networks "VPKiTS", wire. (0212) 63-92-33;

Terms of sale of real estate: for Lot number 8 – reimbursement of costs balansoderzhatelya, related to the preparation of the property for sale in the amount of 1 429,05 rubles.

The auction will take "10" on May 2018 g. at 15 hours a fund building "Vitebskoblimuschestvo" to address: g. Vitebsk, str. "Truth", 38.

Applications for participation in the auction are accepted on weekdays from 8.00 to 13.00 and 14.00 to 16.00, last day of the reception of documents 07.05.2018 to 16.00 to address: g. Vitebsk, str. "Truth", 38, that. 302. The final registration of the participants 10.05.2018 with 14.00 to 15.00. To participate in the auction are not allowed to participate, did not pass the final registration.

deposit amount is transferred to the application for participation in the auction to the bank account number BY66AKBB36423010006012000000 in u-les № 200 Vitebsk regional department of JSC "Belarusbank", BIC AKBBBY21200, recipient - "Vitebskoblimuschestvo" fund, UNP 300002495. Bank's commission fee is not charged.

Participant, became the winner of the auction (contender for the purchase), after the end of the auction is obliged to: sign auction protocol; not later 10 working days after the approval of the established order of the auction protocol to pay for the right to sign the land lease contract (part of the board - in the case of its installments making executive committee), reimburse the costs of organizing and carrying out of auction, including expenses, associated with the manufacture and provision of auction participants documentation, necessary to carry it out; costs, associated with the formation of the land and land change as a result of such formation, including with the state registration in respect of that portion; not later 12 working days after the approval of the established order of the auction protocol to enter into a contract of sale of real estate and land lease.

All those wishing to have the opportunity to get acquainted with the pre-sale objects.