Bath-and-recreation complex of the State Enterprise "VPKiTS" provides the following discounts:

"Reduction visit two or more groups":

При посещении нескольких групп в фитнес-клубе Банно-оздоровительного комплекса клиент имеет право на скидку в размере 5% the second and all subsequent directions.

Making discounts made by the administrator.

"To be friends is beneficial!»:

Посетитель, bringing with him to engage in a fitness club a boyfriend / girlfriend, He is entitled to a one-time discount of 5% from the subscription price upon purchase boyfriend / girlfriend on subscription 8 and more training.

Discount 5% available at each given a new visitor.

Making discounts made by the administrator.

"No overpayments!»:

При первом посещении занятия в фитнес-клубе Банно-оздоровительного комплекса клиенту предоставляется возможность воспользоваться услугой без предварительной оплаты, and the calculation for the service to make after termination of employment, deciding: one-time purchase or subscription, including including this activity.

prices decoration is made by the administrator when you pay for the service.


"Discount for a child":

Если у посетителя есть несовершеннолетние дети (to 18 years old), who wish to attend sporting activities, along with a parent, the client is given the opportunity to pay only 70% from the subscription cost for a child, presenting the Document Manager, proving the relationship with the child. In this case, the subscription for the parent paid the full price.

Making discounts made by the administrator.

"Spa facilities for relaxation":

При покупке абонемента на 8 and more training to any destination in the fitness club Bathhouse and health complex, the visitor has the right to receive single discount of 10% visit 1 (one) once a month any spa treatments (by previous appointment, subject to availability).

Making discounts made by the administrator.


"Useful weekdays":

Приобретая абонемент на 6 or more sessions on any area of ​​fitness club Bathhouse and health complex, the buyer is entitled to visit 1 (one) times a week on Tuesdays and Wednesdays during the month, which operates on a subscription, general offices at a discount 10%.

Making discounts made by the administrator.



"11:00 billiards free (1 table)»:

Посетитель имеет право на бесплатный 11 (eleventh) hour billiards (1 table).

The player is issued cumulative customer card, in which each visit billiard administrators complex, a note about the visit, visit date and stamped. All cards must be numbered and recorded in the log for further tracking and accounting. Card is not nominal and can be transferred between a client. To apply this action the visitor must have received (played out) 10 hours of billiards for 2 (two) calendar months. If the customer had purchased a half-hour of the game - they are summed up in the whole watch and rounded to the nearest whole hour down (ie. if played out 9,5 hours - it will be considered, that won back customer 9 whole hours).

Making discounts made by the administrator.



Имениннику предоставляется скидка 10% on single Seen any service Bathhouse and health complex.

You can get a discount on presentation of the document, confirming the date of birth. The discount is given on the day of birth, and for 3 days after birthday.

Making discounts made by the administrator.


"Carefree time":

A discount 20% offered to people of retirement age to attend the general branch of Banno-improving complex on Mondays (subject to availability).

Making discounts made by the administrator.


When providing discounts administrators Bathhouse and health complex is necessary, together with the client to fill in reportable cards, and must include the accurate customer information, which is confirmed by the signature of the administrator and the client card at the bottom. All fields on the form are required. Upon cancellation of the customer to provide accurate information administrator may refuse to provide discounts.


In the presence of the buyer the right to discounts on several grounds discount is offered on one ground in the choice of the buyer.


Discounts apply to tariffs to the current pricelist, not cumulative with other discounts, promotions and special offers Bathhouse and health complex.