Primary trade union organization of the Vitebsk municipal industrial unitary enterprise of boiler houses and heating networks "VPKiTS"

Belarusian Trade Union of Workers of Local Industry

and municipal enterprises.

Chairman - Lyudmila Sudakova


Time of receipt: medium 15.00 - 17.00, Thursday 15.00 - 17.00


The composition of the trade union committee



Lyudmila Sudakova

Chairman of the trade union


Kaminsky, Alexander A.


(EC boss)

Ryabushko Leonid

trade union member, treasurer


Vorobyev Alexey S.

trade union member

(DCS chief)

Viktor Abramenkov

trade union member

(Instructor-methodologist of physical culture and sports activities)

Dorofeeva Alexander A.

trade union member

( time. Chancery)

Belousov Vasily G.

trade union member

(EC boss)

Andrei Krivenko

trade union member

(rabochii HE-3)

Lyudmila Kolesnikova

trade union member

(time. bath №4)

Mahlaeva Lyudmila Petrovna

trade union member

(kontrolёr of checkpoint)

Alexander Baranov

trade union member

(Master HE-2)

Savlevich Sergey

trade union member

(transport department manager)

Revision Commission



Maksimenko Gennady E.


Hanevskaya Valentin Stefanov


Kavin Anton Petrovich


Commission trade union committee

to monitor compliance with labor legislation, the Commission,

Family Protection, Maternity and Childhood

chairman of the board: Lyudmila Sudakova (Chairman of the trade union)

members of the commission: Lyudmila Kolesnikova (time. bath)
Kaminsky, Alexander A. (EC boss)

Public Commission for Occupational Safety

chairman of the board: Andrei Krivenko (rabochii HE-3)

members of the commission: Dem'yanov Anatoly T. (rabochii HE-2)
Krumau Yuri (worker TC)

on cultural and media commission,
sports and recreation activities and youth work

chairman of the board: Dorofeeva Alexander A. (zav.kantselyaryey)

members of the commission: Viktor Abramenkov ( Instructor-methodologist), Savlevich Sergey (dispatcher TC)

industrial Commission, employment, labor and


chairman of the board: Vorobyev Alexey S. (DCS chief)

members of the commission: Alexander Baranov (Master HE-2)

members of the commission: Belousov Vasily G. (nachalinik TNCs HE-1)

The organizational committee of the trade union

chairman of the board: Lyudmila Sudakova (Chairman of the trade union)

members of the commission: Ryabushko Leonid (engineer), Mahlaeva Lyudmila Petrovna (kontrolёr of checkpoint)